The service we provide

Our mission is to help you to better operate your HSC vessels by controlling your expenses, managing your income and growing up your sales. Less expenses, more money, more earnings.

How can we do so?

We have built customs software that will help you to:

  1. Managing your day to day sale incomes at your sales points
  2. Mananing your trip to trip turnover (which means knowing profitable and non profitable trip)
  3. Managing your ticketing with code bar and controlling the number of passengers, cars, trucks, etc. on each trip
  4. Managing all your maintenance schedules
  5. Managing all your stocks including spare parts with minimum stock alarms

Our experience

We have successfully operated HSC vessels since 1991, we are now ready to help Hi Speed Craft operator to run their company.

Contact us

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.